Donnerstag, 20. Januar 2011

Welcome to my blog. :]

I'm glad you found here and hope you'll find some interessting topics being handled here.
Actually I've never planned starting such a Blog, but a few friends of mine have inspired me to do so.
I've seen a lot of gibberish being posted around here, but don't worry, I'll try and keep this blog as interessting as possible. I don't know yet if this project will last long, maybe I'll quit posting after a few weeks, but oh well, we'll see. This blog will be about me and my philosophy of life. About how I'm seeing the world and the society we're living in. How you can improve your own life and become a real harmonic hedonist and existentialist. This is what I personally aim for in my life, I'm not done developing, but I'm on a good way, I think. I'll also post several links that deal with this subject. Well so far for the greeting and introduction, next post will be your first step on improving your life.

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