Donnerstag, 20. Januar 2011

A New Beginning

Now after you decided of improving your own life, I guess the first step would be to wake up, being born, you could say. A lot of people I see around are often building up and living in illusions, in cages they made for themselves. You really gotta be honest with you here and admit yourself failures and wrong-doings, which you've always run away from or maybe even didn't realise they were wrong in the first place. Introspection is a rather difficult thing, but if you take your time, be honest with yourself and try to think as objective and rational as possible, you'll succeed and learn a lot about yourself in a few days. After you've cleaned up with your mind, you gotta know where your place in life is, where you want to be, what and who you want to be. If you don't know what you want, you should try and listen to your heart. This might sound cheesy but it's definetely a true saying. Now people often times already have their ideas and dreams of what they want to reach in life, but most of them just frame those ideas and just look at them. They only dream their dreams, instead of realising them, because they're too scared of failure. But there IS NO failure, there's only feedback and you really need to learn and grow from it.

I've found a really interessting quote, dealing with this subject on youtube in a comment of this song:

"A lot of people choose not to see the truth, they cling to other peoples' ideas and refuse to question them. Because discovering that one or more of the ideals you base your existence on (not to get existential here) are in fact false. Then everything you believe based on those ideals is false or misguided. The comfort derived from those beliefs falls away to the unknown. Fearing the unknown, we'd rather not reevaluate ourselves. But we need to. And introspection is sorely lacking today."

For more info on this topic check this out: 

Music by the way, is also an amazing guide through your life. The music you prefer and listen to, can characterize you vastly, you should concentrate more on the lyrics and try to UNDERSTAND them, instead of just singing along.


  1. damn made me think of the cage i have built around myself

  2. All valid points you've brought up.

    Very nice job.

  3. One of my favorite NIN songs, it can bring me to tears sometimes.

  4. Great blog. Following and supporting!!

  5. Seems to be a nice starting point. Good luck!